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has a story. Here is ours.

Midwest ProCad is the result of years of dedication to helping amputees get back to doing what they love. When founder, Matt Razink, lost his arm in a construction accident, he didn't know how he would be able to work again. With limited available options, he chose to create his own product that has all the features he needed to start living his new normal.

our promise

Our products will find their way to you quickly through our secured and reliable distribution partner, Infinite Biomedical Technologies. We are dedicated to helping your achieve your new normal as quickly as possible.



12 years ago today, I lost a little bit of myself.

Since then, some days are battles to the end and others end up being great accomplishments. If it wasn't for the support and understanding from my wife, family, and friends, I am not sure how playing the 'hand' I was dealt would have actually worked out for me. Along with the need for things that
I couldn't find, and the drive to be better, I took an idea and turned it into a product that has changed my life and allowed me to find my new normal.
I know it can help others find their new normal too!"

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