Meet The TEAM

Matt Razink


Matt created Midwest ProCad as a way to get back to living his new normal, post-accident. It started with the creation of tools that would help him to do things he missed doing, and the company developed alongside those innovations. As product designer, Matt is constantly creating new improvements and product attachments to increase user’s enjoyment and product satisfaction.

Katie Razink


Katie has been the driving force behind advancing Midwest ProCad from product to market. Katie’s role rests amongst many platforms, but as an operations professional, she manages all business accounts and client relations. She exceeds in creating lasting relationships and partnerships within the medical community, as well as a focus on growing Midwest ProCad.

Dustin Razink


Dustin is the son of Matt and Katie. He graduated from Medford Area Senior High and he loves the great outdoors.  He took on an interest in research and development as the company took roots. In the future, he will ensure quality from development to distribution of our products.

Alex Dahl


As a graduate of the University of Minnesota’s Journalism School, Alex has abounding knowledge of market strategy and social media savvy. Being part of the Midwest ProCad team means that Alex gets to share the stories of those helped by the product, as well as create opportunities for the company to change more lives through our outreach.

Ashley Dahl


As an integral member of the Midwest ProCad team, Ashley brought the brand to life through an extensive logo
and website renovation. Creating a space where people come to learn about the product and relate to the brand
is one of the most important aspects of our business model. At Midwest ProCad, a major goal is that visitors and customers relate to the brand in a way that makes them feel supported and understood.